Everbody’s Talking About Jamie: Teen Edition

Senior Musical Theatre Co Present: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie: Teen Edition

Jamie New is sixteen and lives on a council estate in Sheffield. However, Jamie is a little different to the other teenagers at his school. He harbors a secret dream: to be a drag queen! But first, he needs to find the confidence to be his true self beyond the walls of his home. Although Jamie is terrified about the future, he knows that, one way or another, he will be a sensation.

He is supported every step of the way by his loving mum, Margaret, who would do anything for her boy. She tries to protect Jamie by keeping the truth about his father’s absence a secret, a decision that threatens her close-knit bond with her son. He also has the love and support of his best friend, Pritti, who reassures Jamie that his difference is what makes him beautiful.

Despite the bullying, the prejudice, and the public humiliation, Jamie learns to embrace his inner queen–named Mimi Me–and step into the spotlight…his spotlight.

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Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th January 2024

  • Evening performance


  • Saturday matinee



The Duchess Theatre

Chatsworth Arts Centre, Westgate, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, NG10 1EF