Kristian Thomas Youth Company;

 The Kristian Thomas Youth Company; was founded in September 2017 and is an exciting performing arts platform based in the East Midlands. We aim to teach Singing/Music, Drama & Dance as individual crafts but also as a unit, allowing our students to become the best performing and creative artist they can be. Bringing many different components and techniques of theatre together, creating an educated framework for our specialist tutors to work from and guide our students through, as well as the experience of working on professional standard shows. At ‘KTYCo’, we pride ourselves on being one of the few youth groups who see our students and get to know them as unique individual performers; we can then cater to them for how they need to grow and challenge their craft further. As well as the skill sets needed for the arts, we aim to provide discipline and a sense of professionalism, which our students will be able to transfer to all areas of their life.

SKILLS: Throughout the academic year, we work on developing individual disciplines of the performing arts craft, nurturing and bringing the best out of our pupils in an independent and mindful way. Skills learnt cover a wide range of elements, that all piece together nicely to result in a confident and professional performer. These vary from acting techniques, vocal training, stamina and choreography, right through to stage craft, resilience, confidence and teamwork. Not only this, but our students will enhance further in other areas such as creativity and pick-up skills.

QUALIFICATIONS:  We believe in inspiring and encouraging our students to set and achieve their goals, and we feel that taking exams in something they are passionate about can not only be rewarding but beneficial for their futures too. These are not compulsory, but for those children who want to, we can provide support and opportunities to progress throughout Trinity College London examinations. Many of the syllabus requirements fit in well with the work our members already take part in on a weekly basis, and can help to motivate them to push themselves further. Trinity exams are known throughout the world and are officially recognised by educational authorities in many countries. They represent an outstanding opportunity for our pupils and a great way to recognise all of their continuous efforts and hard work. There are various grades of exam to work through, both in musical theatre and drama.

PERFORMANCE EXPERIENCE: At KTYCo, we pride ourselves on the professionalism we hold when it comes to putting on a show. From the in house auditions and casting process, right through to the opening night! Our students will rehearse for a show with a specific creative team chosen for them, who we feel hold the correct experience and attributes depending on the genre of show and the high caliber of cast we may have. Shows are chosen by considering all members in the group and looking closely at what our students will take from the particular material at that point in time of their training with us.

TO JOIN: We audition for new intake of members twice a year, keep an eye out on our auditions page for more information, alternatively, fill in a form below and we can put you on our auditions waiting list!

JUNIORS: Laying the foundations in our students training from the start. Our juniors focus on all areas of stage craft and theatrical discipline. We gain an idea of each individuals needs from an early age and can help to guide them in the correct and unique way for them throughout the years. An excellent pathway to start off your child’s love for the theatre.

INTERMEDIATES: Our intermediate students start to be challenged further and much more self-rehearsal is introduced. We expect a high level of professionalism and dedication from all of our pupils, and feel that once at the age of an intermediate, this should especially be put into place for our younger students to learn by example. The skill sets intermediates will take on will ensure they receive high quality training and experience the full process of taking on and performing in a professional standard show.

SENIORS: Once at senior level within ‘KTYCo’, students will start to not only use the transferable skillsets gained prior to create and experience professional standard shows. But they will also be guided and given the relevant knowledge and training to take with them into adulthood. Whether they want to further with a career in performing arts, or wish to take on something completely different – we believe that the focus, discipline and work ethic gained throughout their training with us will put them in excellent stead to carry themselves in their chosen paths. We will also offer tuition and coaching for those who are wishing to audition for performing arts and drama schools, we can help our Seniors through their tough auditions and help them with all the things that are thrown at them across the different establishments.


KTYCo Co-Ordinator

Shannon O'Donnell
KTYCo Co-Ordinator


Katy Maclaughlin

Musical Director

Tom Bond
Musical Director

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