Based on Puccini’s beloved opera La Bohème, Rent follows the ups and downs
of a year in the life of a group of impoverished, artistic friends living
in Manhattan’s East Village.

Mark, an aspiring filmmaker, struggles to find his place in the world; his roommate Roger, a HIV-positive musician, wonders how he will leave his mark before he dies. Mimi and Angel look for true love as they face the harsh reality of life as HIV-positive young people, while the businesslike Joanne seeks fidelity from her wild-child performance artist girlfriend Maureen.

The group’s dreams, losses, and love stories weave through the musical’s narration to paint a stunningly raw and emotional portrait of the gritty bohemian world of New York City in the late 1980s, under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.

VENUE: Springfield Hall, Sandiacre
DATE: Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th November 2017


Producer: Kristian Cunningham

Director: Alysha Gomes

Musical Director: Tom Bond

Choreographer: Kristian Cunningham


Mark: Benito Preite

Roger: Tom Simpson

Benny: Jack Draper

Collins: Andrew Buxton

Angel: Lucas Young

Mimi: Beth Denham

Maureen:Shannon O’Donnell/Georgie Bond

Joanne: Hannah Eve Brent/Anna Cousins

Mrs Cohen: Carrie-Anne Corner

Mrs Jefferson: Claire Collishaw


Alistair Berry, Emily-May Corner, George Mercer, Helen Perry, Kirsty Rice & Sophie Lowe



Keys: Dave Adey

Drums: Tom Bond

Guitar: Rob Upton

Bass: Jeff Widdowson