Legally Blonde

Valley girl Elle Woods, a fashion merchandising student and president of the UCLA chapter of (fictional) Delta Nu sorority applies for and, against all odds, wins admission to Harvard Law School in the hope she can convince narcissistic ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington III, who dumped her for “serious” Vivienne Kensington, that theirs was a relationship worth salvaging.

As she pursues her quest clad in her traditional pink ensembles and with her chihuahua, Bruiser, in town, she astonishes the student body and the faculty with her unabashed audacity and naiveté but wins their respect and admiration – and the love of fellow law student Emmett Forrest – when she tries and wins a murder case (thanks to knowing well the principles and recommended care of a permanent wave), proving to one and all that being true to yourself never goes out of style and may even help you win the day.

VENUE: Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton
DATE: Friday 23rd - Saturday 31st August 2019


Producer: Kristian Cunningham

Director: Alysha Gomes

Musical Director: Tom Bond

Choreographer: Kristian Cunningham

With Thanks: Jinny Gould

Lighting Designer: Stephen Greatorex

Sound Designer: Hannah Griffiths


Elle Woods: Emily Redlaff

Emmett Forrest: Joe Millward

Professor Callahan: Phil Stanley

Paulette Buonofante: Louise Grantham

Serena: Tammie Morgan

Margot: Betsymae Kirkland-Ball

Pilar: Shannon O’Donnell

Brooke Wyndham: Becky Wrench

Vivienne Kensington: Ella Greenwood

Warner Huntington III: Jacob Fowler

Enid Hoops: Emily May Corner

Kyle/UPS Guy: Samuel Holden

Delta Nu/Greek Chorus: Lydia Thacker, Chelsea Hawkins, Lindo Shinda, Kirsty Rice and Jessica Bridge (KATE)

Sundeep Padamadan: Lindo Shinda

Carlos: Lucas Young

Nikos: Alex Linscer

Grandmaster Chad/Aaron Schultz Andrew Buxton

Elle’s Father/Winthrop/Dewey/Prison Guard/TV Reporter Nathan Hart

Elle’s Mother/Lowell Claire Collishaw

Judge/Prfrozheimer  Deborah McPherson

Courtney/Chutney Emily Bridge

Shop Manager/Court Stenographer/Whitney Abby Riddell

Ensemble: Abby Riddell, Aiden Carson, Alex Linscer, Andrew Buxton, Benjamin Alvey, Charlotte Carridice, Chelsea Hawkins, Claire Collishaw, Deborah McPherson, Emily Bridge, Emily May Corner, Emma Foley, Jessica Bridge, Kirsty Rice, Laura Powell, Lindo Shinda, Lucas Young, Lydia Thacker, Maddie Brooks-Brown, Nathan Hart, Samuel Holden, Sophie Patilla


Stage Manager: Bob Rushton

Deputy Stage Manager: Lauren Johnson

Stage Crew: Sam Bird/Chris Grantham

Lighting Operator: Matthew Cook

Sound Engineer Hannah Griffiths

Set Proscenium LTD

Wardrobe Karen Millward/Alison Bond & KTCo Members

Dresser Millie Gilks

Props Tracy Wrench

Dog Chaperones: Tom Simpson, Louise O’Donnell, Charlotte Bushell, Louise Cunningham & Anna Bond

Front of House Manager: Millie Gilks

Box Office: Adrian Perkins

Business Advisor: Alyson Hopcroft

Programme/Branding/Marketing: Kristian Cunningham

Photography: Cassie Hall

Printers: Hello Print/AutoMedia 



Reeds: Ben Ward

Keyboards: Matt Henderson/James Harrison

Guitar: Tim Wright

Bass: Jeff Widdowson

Drums/Percussion: Tom Bond