Evita is based on the historical story of María Eva Duarte de Perón, a poor Argentinian girl who grows up to be the wife of the president of Argentina, worshipped by her people. As a young woman who longs for an acting career, fame, and fortune, Eva quickly learns that her feminine wiles hold power among a culture, and a political system, run by men. Once she makes it to Buenos Aires, Evita finds fame and power in her powers of seduction, eventually seducing the rising political figure, Juan Perón, who becomes the President of Argentina. As First Lady of Argentina, she aligns herself with the poor, winning herself, and Perón, popularity among Argentinians. 

Evita becomes a hero to the poor and the working class­—and an enemy to the rich. A young and unknown revolutionary, Ché, narrates the rise and fall of the beloved matriarch of the Argentinian people. This blockbuster musical, made even more famous as a 1996 Hollywood film starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas, shows both the righteous determination, and the ruthless power, of Argentina’s 20th century matriarch.

VENUE: Duchess Theatre, Long Eaton
DATE: Tuesday 23rd - Saturday 27th April 2019


Producer: Kristian Cunningham

Director: Alysha Gomes

Musical Director: Tom Bond

Choreographer: Kristian Cunningham

Assistant Creative: Hattie Kemish

Lighting Designer: Stephen Greatorex

Sound Designer: Hannah Griffiths


Eva Peron: Helen Perry

Che Guevara: Tom Simpson

Peron: Chris Grantham

Magaldi: Richard Comfort

Mistress: Beth Denham

Ensemble: Aiden Carson, Alison Bond, Alistair Berry, Andy Honman, Bailey West, Ben Alvey, Charlotte Carridice, Claire Collishaw, Deborah McPherson, Emma Foley, Graham Buchanan, Hattie Kemish, Joe Millward, Katie Lawson, Laurie Trott, Lydia Thacker, Louise Curd, Reema Udeshi, Richard Comfort, Shannon O’Donnell

Youth Ensemble: Abe Collishaw, Amy Brownhill, Bridie Mae O’Donnell, Daniel Lane, Edie Peace, Ellis Rushton, Freya Thomas, Harrison Ince, Holly Brownhill, Maisie Denney, Nadia Potter, Olivia Thomas, Pip Blackman



Lighting Operator: Tom Bathurst

Stage Manager: Rob Corner

Deputy Stage Manager: Lauren Johnson

Sound 2/Crew: Jordan Stych

Lighting 2/Crew: Dominic Murray

Set Design: Evita Creative Team

Set Build: Tom Bond

Set Structure: A Stage For Hire

Costume: KTCo;/Nottingham Community Wardrobe/EMUs

Dressers: Carrie-Anne Corner, Emily May Corner, Karen Millward, Millie Gilks & Samuel Holden

Wigs/Styling: Kristian Cunningham & Holly Twells

Properties: Tracy Wrench

Marketing/Promotion/Programme: Kristian Cunningham

Printers: Auto Media LTD & Hello Print

Photographer: Alicia Knight/JC Media

Videographer: Marcus Hopcroft

Box Office: Adrian Perkins

Front of House Manager: Millie Gilks

Business Advisor: Alyson Hopcroft


Musical Director/Keyboard: Dave Adey

String/Electric Bass: Jeff Widdowson

Guitar: Gabriel Newton-Wild

Horn: Lilla Di Miceli