Kristian Thomas Elite Company;

The Kristian Thomas ‘Adult Elite’ Company was set-up in May 2016 as the core of the KTCo; and has been expanding ever since. It holds a pool of ‘Elitest’ performers from across the East Midlands and together with some of the top creatives in the area, the Elite Company are producing some of best shows the theatre scene have ever laid eyes on. 

The group was built to allow training professionals, semi-professionals, working professionals, ex-professionals and the extremely passionate community theatre performers to have a place to thrive, train their skills and polish their craft. The Elite Company rehearse intensively over a short rehearsal period, this challenging time scale allows our members to push themslves. The end product has up until now received 5 star reviews from the critics, raving feedback from the audiences and has left people coming back for more!

The Adult Elite company tend to audition once a year around May and all audition notices are posted on our auditions page and also on our Facebook page.

Our Members

Abby Riddell

Aiden Carson

Alex Linscer

Alison Bond

Alistair Berry

Intermediate Assistant Director

Andrew Buxton

Andy Honman

Anna Cousins

Bailey West

Co-Founder/Principal & Head of Ballet

Rebecca Wrench

Ben Alvey

Benito Preite

Beth Denham

Betsy-Mae Kirkland-Ball

Candice Shevaun

Carrie-Anne Corner

Charlotte Bond

Charlotte Carridice

Chelsea Hawkins

Chloe Hopcroft

Chris Grantham

Claire Collishaw

Deborah McPherson

Ella Greenwood

Emily Bridge

Emily Redlaff

Emily May Corner

Emma Foley

Hannah Brent

Hattie Kemish

Helen Perry

Jessica Bridge

Jinny Gould

Joe Millward

Katie Lawson

Kirsty Rice

Laura Powell

Laurie Trott

Lindo Shinda

Louise Curd

Louise Grantham

Lucas Young

Head of Tap & Modern

Lydia Thacker

Maddie Brooks-Brown

Maison Kelley

Natalia Brown

Phil Stanley

Reema Udeshi

Richard Comfort

Ross Lowe

Samuel Holden

Sara Evans-Bolger

Principal & Director/Choreographer

Shannon O'Donnell

Shona Manderson

Sian Scattergood

Sophie Lowe

Sophie Patilla

Stephen Lewis

Tammie Morgan

Thomas James Martin

Tom Halton

Tom Hopcroft

Tom Simpson

Zain Sutherland